Polyvinyl Chloride Black Color PVC Foam board for engraving

PVC foam board includes PVC celuka foam board,PVC Co-extruded foam board,PVC color Co-extruded foam board and PVC laminated foam board. These products are new type of green plastic materials made by foaming extrusion line with PVC(polyvinyl chloride) resin powder as the main raw material,adding light calcium carbonate,foaming agents,etc. It’s easy to store,transport and construct. It can be processed like wood by drilling, sawing,nailing,planing and bonding.And it’s a substitute for wood,aluminum and composite panels.In recent years, it has been widely used in the advertising industry, furniture industry, home decoration industry, etc.



Item No.



PVC Co-extruded Color foam Sheet


black, White, blue, green, red, Yellow




1220*2440mm(4'x8'), Custom size is available




advertising framing, bathroom equipment, building decoration, carving, furniture manufacturing products, kitchen and bathroom cabinet, kitchen equipment, living room and office partitions

What is PVC Co-extruded color foam sheet?

PVC Co-extruded color foam sheet also called PVC rigid foam board.It is a kind of PVC Foam Board, which is manufactured by Co-extruded foaming machine. It’s main ingredients inlcude PVC resin and special additives like foaming agent, anti-aging agent, colorant.etc. It is moisture-proof, mould-proof,non-absorbent and fire -retardant in its performance.


What are the features of PVC Co-extruded Color foam Sheet?

Comparing with PVC celuka foam board, PVC co-extruded foam board has more smoother, higher glossy and harder surface. In addition, it’s Waterproof, Corrosion Resistant and Fire Retardant. Non-deforming, non-cracking and no painting required. It can replace Acrylic board and Painted boards.


The main features are as follows:

1.Flame retardant–Home life, fire prevention is the primary consideration, solid wood panels do not have fire performance, while the fire performance of the ANBO furniture board to achieve flame retardant B1 level.

2.Waterproof–The level of water absorption directly affects the service life of the board, and ANBO furniture board is ahead of many boards with only 2% water absorption, so it can be used normally in any humid environment.

3.No harmful substances–The excessive formaldehyde content of solid wood panels affects the health of the family. ANBO furniture panels use natural crop waste as raw materials, using high-temperature extrusion process, the production process does not use any adhesives, no harmful substances, no heavy metals, can be used with confidence.


What are the applications of PVC Co-extruded color foam Sheet?


PVC Co-extruded color foam board are used for a variety of applications including signs and display,engraving,outdoor advertising, corporate culture wall,exhibit booths,photo mounting,picture framing,interior design,thermoforming,prototypes,model making,table top.Interior decoration for boats,ship,vehicle,train.In addition, PVC Co-extruded foam board exhibit the whitest available surface. Printers and advertisers benefit from its constantly smooth and bright surface for producing high quality displays. PVC foam sheets are easily handled, cut and fabricated using conventional tools and equipment, and can be printed, painted or laminated.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1:Are you a factory or trading company?

We are a factory specialising in PVC foam board,WPC foam board and PS foam board for 12 years. 

Q2:What are the best features of your products?

For PVC foam boards—our production formula is more than 90% new raw material, and it is low calcium powder. So the quality of the boardsmade is very good toughness, not easy to break and deformation. The board performance will be better.

For PS foam boards—We have improved the previous practice of gluing two pieces of 2.5mm into 5mm and replaced it with an innovative process of a single piece of 5mm, which will make the board stiffer and stiffer and avoid the risk of debonding and reduce costs.

For thermal insulation foam box,In 2022 our thermal insulation foam box has been officially launched after three years of research and development. The core of the board is a single piece of 5mm technology, compared to other manufacturers’ double piece of 5mm technology, our box will be more rigid, and the compression resistance and insulation effect will be better.

Q3:Do you have any certification?

Our factory have SGS,ROHS, and Fire Test.If you have other certificate requirements, we also fully support you.

Q4:What’s the delivery time of your company?

For regular size products, we generally have them in stock. For customised products, delivery is normally 20-25 days.

Q5:If it’s possible to have my logo on the product?

We support our customers to print their logo on the outer carton or protective film, but please understand that this additional service is available at an extra cost.

Q6:What is your terms of packing?

Some of our PVC foam boards are packed in PE plastic bags and some high density PVC foam boards are packed directly on pallets.For foam core board, we will used PE bag and carton box for packaging. Packaging images can be viewed on the corresponding product page details

Q7:When can I get a quote?

We usually quote within 12 hours after we receive your inquiry. If you are very urgent, please contact us via email, Wechat or WhatsApp (+86 15813373950).