PVC foam board

PVC foam board includes PVC celuka foam board,PVC Co-extruded foam board,PVC color Co-extruded foam board and PVC laminated foam board. These products are new type of green plastic materials made by foaming extrusion line with PVC(polyvinyl chloride) resin powder as the main raw material,adding light calcium carbonate,foaming agents,etc. It’s easy to store,transport and construct. It can be processed like wood by drilling, sawing,nailing,planing and bonding.And it’s a substitute for wood,aluminum and composite panels.In recent years, it has been widely used in the advertising industry, furniture industry, home decoration industry, etc.
What Are The Best Features Of ANBO PVC Foam Board?
For ANBO PVC foam boards—our production formula is more than 90% new raw material, and it is low calcium powder. So the quality of the boardsmade is very good toughness, not easy to break and deformation. The board performance will be better.In addition,ANBO PVC Foam Board is an environmentally friendly and recyclable product,can meet people’s needs for a healthy life.

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