Foam core board

Foam core board includes paper foam board and PS foam board(KT foam board).It’s an extruded polystyrene foam board bonded between two sheets of polystyrene film,or 127/157g art paper. It’s a very strong,lightweight, and warp-resistant material.A variety of categories with different features can be provided to meet every special application demand.This product is widely used in digital printing, picture framing, photo mounting, painting, screen printing, vinyl application, signage and POP displays. Favored durability for short to medium term displays and signs.
What Are The Best Features Of ANBO FOAM CORE BOARD?
For ANBO Foam Core Board—We have improved the previous practice of gluing two pieces of 2.5mm into 5mm and replaced it with an innovative process of a single piece of 5mm, which will make the board stiffer and stiffer and avoid the risk of debonding and reduce costs.

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