Insulation foam box

Thermal Insulation box is made by Thermal insulation foam board, which is made of high quality aluminium film paper, XPS insulation layer and kraft paper after high-tech lamination.The box can be heat preservation and freshness, high strength pressure resistance, moisture-proof, foldable storage, convenient transportation, and beautiful appearance. It’s perfectly replace the styrofoam foam box.The box is widely used in Frozen semi-finished products, frozen cakes, baked goods, fruit and vegetables, live fish packing, meat products, dairy products, fresh seafood products, frozen food packaging and transportation, etc.
What Are The Best Features Of ANBO Thermal Insulation Foam Box?
For thermal insulation foam box,it’s our new product in 2022.The core of the board is a single piece of 5mm technology, compared to other manufacturers’ double piece of 5mm technology, our box will be more rigid, and the compression resistance and insulation effect will be better.

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