5 Reasons to Use WPC Foam Boards To Build Your Home

WPC foam board or wood plastic composite is also known as polyurethane wood. It’s a building material that has become quite popular over the past few years. You will find many people using WPC foam boards in their homes, offices and commercial buildings. WPC foam board is a composite material made from PVC power and STRAW powder. The result is a light and insulating material that you can use to build walls, partitions, cabinets and other construction products. Whether you are working on your home or an office construction project, WPC foam board is an ideal choice for interior decoration as well as exterior cladding for facades and roofs. Here are 5 reasons why you should consider using WPC boards for your home construction projects.

WPC foam boards are Eco-friendly

WPC foam boards are Eco-friendly building material. One of the main raw materials of WPC board is straw powder.It’s very pure and natural materials, no pollution. No trees need to be cut down, it is a perfect substitute for wood paneling and has an important significance for environmental protection. Finished product contains zero percentage of glue element,without formaldehyde and benzene.For the health of you and your family, WPC foam board is your best choice when you decorate your home.

WPC foam boards are Lightweight

Unlike concrete and wooden boards, WPC foam boards do not require any form of staking or framing. This makes them lightweight and easy to handle. In addition, WPC foam boards are also easy to install. They come in sheets, panels or boards that you can install on your walls or ceilings. You can use them to build furniture, cabinets and even panels that you can use to build walls. Therefore, WPC foam boards are lightweight and can be easily transported from one place to another.

WPC foam boards are Durable

WPC foam boards are durable and can last for years. This is a great advantage compared to other building materials. You don’t have to worry about installing them on a daily basis. The boards are durable and provide excellent insulation. Therefore, you can use these boards to build walls, partitions and even cabinets and furniture.

WPC Boards Provide Excellent Sound Absorption

WPC boards are excellent sound absorbers. Therefore, you can use these boards to build walls and partitions that provide excellent sound absorption and reduce the noise coming from outside. WPC boards are lightweight and easy to install. You can also choose panels or boards that are made for specific applications like ceilings, walls and partitions. This makes WPC boards an ideal choice for construction projects that require sound absorption.

WPC Boards have Excellent Fire Resistance

WPC boards are fire resistant.This makes them an ideal choice for outdoor applications like building roofs, decks, patios and gazebos.WPC foam boards are resistant to the heat, fire and impact resistance. You can also purchase boards that are rated for exterior use. This makes WPC boards an ideal choice for exterior applications like building roofs, decks, patios and gazebos.

Anson Yan

Anson Yan

Anson Yan is the Marketing Director at ANBO board. And he has over 10 years experiences in Building materials industry.