4 Tips To Guide You Why You Should Use The Cold Chain Insulation Foam Box To Replace The Traditional Styrofoam Foam Box?

Keeping your food fresh and safe from pests, moisture, and other dangers requires special care. Even if you store your food in a sealed container, it can still get smelly and rotten over time. This is because most foods emit natural smells as they age or ripen, as well as putrescent smells due to presence of harmful bacteria and enzymes. The good news is that by incorporating a few simple measures into your storage routine, you can keep your food fresher for longer! Here we’ll discuss everything you need to know about using foam boxes to pack your food in the safest way possible:

What is Cold chain thermal insulation foam box?

Thermal Insulation foam box is made of insulation foam board,which is processed from high quality aluminium film paper,XPS insulation layer and kraft paper after high-tech lamination.It is a type of protective packaging material that reduces the rate at which temperature of an object is affected by the surrounding environment. This is because when you store food in thermal Insulation foam box, you’re effectively insulating it from the outside world. The result is that your food keeps fresh for much longer because it’s not exposed to oxygen, water, or harmful microbes. When food is not exposed to oxygen, it slows down the rate at which it spoils. Without oxygen, bacteria and other harmful enzymes inside the food are unable to break it down, so the food stays fresh much longer. Additionally, when food is kept in a cool environment, it lasts longer because it does not become damaged from exposure to heat.

What are the applications of Insulation foam box?

Insulation foam box have a wide range of applications due to their insulating properties, durability, and lightweight nature. Some of the common applications of insulation foam boxes include:Shipping and packaging: Insulation foam boxes are commonly used for shipping and packaging temperature-sensitive products, such as food (Frozen semi-finished products, frozen cakes, baked goods, fruit and vegetables, live fish packing, meat products, dairy products, fresh seafood products, frozen food packaging), pharmaceuticals, and medical supplies. The insulating properties of the foam help to maintain the temperature of the products during transportation, ensuring that they arrive at their destination in good condition.

Why Use Thermal Insulation foam box for your packing?

Thermal insulation is particularly helpful for storing food that needs to stay fresh for long periods of time, such as produce, fish, and meats. Thermal insulation reduces the risk of any of these factors damaging your food, extending its shelf life and keeping it delicious and safe to eat. There are a few other key reasons to use foam containers for food storage:

–The main and most important point is to ENHANCE YOUR BRAND VALUE.Make your brand more high-class.Because the new material of thermal insulation foam box is more advanced in appearance than the traditional styrofoam foam box, and you can print your product information on the outer box, this is helping your business to advertise. And your customers will like your products when they see this packaging. Feel very special design.

–Compared with the ordinary carton, the cold chain insulation foam box can be waterproof and moisture-proof. It can protect the goods from damage caused by wet water during the transportation process of the carton breakage.

–Good freshness and easy to fold.Thermal insulation foam box have the similarity of traditional corrugated boxes, that is, they can be folded. This feature will be better for saving warehouse space and cost, in addition to the cost of transport will also have a great advantage over the traditional styrofoam foam box.In addition, the thermal insulation foam box also has the function of the styrofoam foam box. The box placed in the ice bag, can be insulated for more than 24 hours, so that the goods to maintain the quality of fresh.

–Good pressure resistance.Cold chain insulation foam box is made of imported thickened kraft paper, the compressive strength is greater than ordinary cartons and traditional styrofoam foam box. The box has a pressure resistance of over 2000N.

–There are some countries that have strict restrictions on the use of styrofoam foam boxes, also known as expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam boxes, due to their negative impact on the environment.These countries can try to use our thermal insulation foam box. It will be better for the environment.